5 thoughts on “Beauty is the Beast, Vol. 1

  1. I’m a sucker for stories where the bad boy is just a misunderstood sweetheart, and the girl is a goofy clueless-wonder who has a knack for seeing everyone for who they truly are. I can’t wait for the next volumes to come!

  2. This is just my review on book one:
    First impressions: I was sooo excited it was a beauty and the beast typish novel I was on cloud nine!

    I liked the main character Eimi and her “beast” my problem lies with the secondary characters.

    Misao- just seems flat to me.. And is obsessed with women’s bodies? I donno… Just doesn’t do anything for me at all!!!

    Suzu- looks to much like a boy. I think even her ‘panty’ obsession could be more liked especially if the guy she liked didnt look like her twin. I ho

  3. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. When Sho commented on my overview review of the first seven volumes of Dawn of the Arcana that I’m reading more shoujo manga than she is, it fired my desire to reread more of my finished shoujo for some reason.

    This series, the second series by the mangaka at the time – her first and longer series was a drama shoujo romance called Kiss that I had read in scanlation (just like this series) – starts out as if it wants to be a girl version of Koko wa Greenwood/Here is Greenwood, the 80’s shoujo set

  4. There are several things I do not like that much in this manga, but there are also a couple of things I like a lot. I like Eimi, the main character. She looks more like a little girl instead of a teen, but she is nice, does not cry as most main girls in a shoujo, and her chibis are very funny. She is, basically, very normal and likeable.

    Wanibuchi, as the main male character, is also interesting. He is supposed to be dangerous, but he does not intimidate Eimi at all, and they get along pretty we

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