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  1. The book is a great read and then it took me 3 day to read and it pulled me to the girls who are the main character in the books. Well the girls Who i am talking about is Cami and Shea you see the girls both were orphan and then they met each other and became like sister what one would do the other would do it. Well they went to the union Cami was the pilot and then Shea was the gunner. Well the girls work on the Union ship and they
    have there ship that were one of the better fighters. Well the g

  2. ‘Be Still My Lover’s Heart’ by Lisa Hannah Wells
    The setting of this story is 5,000 years into the future, after the destruction of Earth, in a Colony in space. The Vatamps – Tempest, Rivera & Aveal – from the planet Erissniayh, were among the first to settle the Colony. They built and developed a very popular night club where they also resided. Tempest, the leader, was very old (by human years) and had waited generations to find his bondmate he knew he would someday have. He became very wit

  3. A tale of two strong women who are the aggressive crew of a spacecraft built for fighting for the Union against marauding pirates in the colony worlds. Intrigue and betrayal run within their command and they are rescued by the leader of an ancient race called Vatamp. There are many erotic scenes, a story of suffering due to love and injury and the beginnings of epic adventure as Shea, Tempest, Rivera, Aveal and Cami bridge the boundaries of species. These are things I enjoyed of this work.

  4. 4 Stars

    Author: Lisa Hannah Wells
    Review by: Lisa Jung
    Genre: Romance

    Paranormal Romance
    Science Fiction

    Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

    Be Still My Lover’s Heart
    Memory Makers – Be Still My Lover’s Heart Book One

    Be Still My Lover’s Heart is a wonderful sci-fi romance book. Taken on a space station- Tempest and his friends have run a bar for hundreds of years. His race has believed in bond mates but he has given up on finding his after hundreds of years. But this night Tempest has felt his b

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