5 thoughts on “Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers

  1. This was absolutely the best book you can possibly read if you are a beginner Philosopher, or were like me and taking a Philosophy class in College.

    I knew of only names of Philosophers, and by the end of this book I knew their souls, or what made up the soul that translated life into words. Each of them making light of the greatest questions ever asked, and each with different “answers”. Not only did they answer questions, but they took everything and formed a concise thought that explained eve

  2. I loved how seamlessly the prose flowed through a timeline of philosophers to explore their views on the same topic. It was ace to see how ideas were influenced and developed throughout the ages with regards to culture, the introduction of religion and the teachings of past philosophers. This is something that had always been missing for me, having studied philosophy at college in a very disjointed way. It really brought everything together and gave me the bigger picture, which is nice!

  3. this book is the best book there is for beginning philosophy interests. It has subjects and then tells what each philosopher believes in summary or at least condensed. It’s so readable. It’s not a book you finish, it’s a book you refer to ongoing.

  4. This book is a synopsis of the more important philosphers in Western Civilization. As a synopsis it seems unbiased as it presents the major views of each philospher. I’d have to read all the philosopy works to categorically state that S.F. Frost Jr. has achieved that balance.

    What have I learned? That Man is basically as he was from the beginning, only more sophisticatingly so. He still struggles with the ideas of Good & Evil, Fate and Free Will and what his place in the general scheme of exi

  5. Definitely a good book to read if you want a review on the Philosophers and their teachings. It’s also excellent for those who are beginners or simply getting interested in the topic.

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