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  1. Baroque and Desperate is the fifth entry in Tamar Myers Den of Antiquity cozy mystery series. I jumped into the middle of the series (it’s what my library had to offer *apologetically*) but it was a seductive read. Most of the first half I spent in irritation and unwilling laughter at the relentless punning and the endless variations of “one egg short of a dozen.” But by the end, somehow I’d been beaten (with humor, of course) into submission and I remembered I was also reading a mystery. Which,

  2. Abigail Timberlake, owner of Den of Antiquity, returns from a cruise to find her shop has been wiped out – everything gone. But someone has left the image of an angel on the wall – or so says “mama”. Abigail is having trouble seeing it. Abigail is invited to the Latham Mansion to be a partner with someone she met on the plane coming home, Tradd Maxwell. His extremely rich grandmother is holding a treasure hunt. Something from the mansion has been removed from its normal place and all of the gran

  3. Tamar Myers, Baroque and Desperate (Avon, 1999)

    I’ve been an ambivalent fan of Tamar Myers for a while now. I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get with one of her books. I’ve finished Baroque and Desperate, the fourth Den of Antiquity mystery, and it’s done nothing to change my perceptions either way.

    The book opens with fearless detective and antique shop owner Abigail Timberlake getting back into town after a vacation to find that the Den of Antiquity has been robbed. Well, robbed may not be

  4. More continuity. If this author weren’t so darned funny, I’d write her off. How can you go on a ten day cruise in July and several days later (if that), it’s after Labor Day? Last I checked, on the American calendar, Labor Day was the first Monday in September. We jumped from her getting home from a July cruise to the week after Labor Day in just a few pages. Yikes!!!

    Then, she keeps asking for the convertible top to be put down when she really means to put it up. Silly Abby.

    Leaf pipe, lead pipe.

  5. Fun story, but a bit too much emphasis on her size…that got real old. And she seemed to be in a competition to see how many ways to say her friend was a little weak in the wits. That also got old.

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