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  1. When his ice ray experiment accidentally freezes his nemesis, Captain Kapow, evil genius Baron von Baddie finally has the freedom to build robots, rearrange the days of the week, and eat all the doughnuts he wans. But he soon discovers that creating chaos isn’t much fun when no one is trying to stop him. The tale is reminiscent of old-time serials’ stereotypical heroes and villains and a new conflict each episode. The mixed-media collage illustrations are full of movement and humor. Despite the

  2. Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident by George McClements is a picturebook about a young evil genius realizing that life is just no fun without a challenge. Baron von Baddie keeps creating great devices to battle superhero Captain Kapow, and losing. When he accidentally wins, he is convinced that his life will now be loads of fun, and it is for awhile. He begins making mischief, rearranging the days of the week, unleashing ice-cream-stealing robots, and binging on doughnuts. However, the Ba

  3. Baron von Baddie was an evil genius who built huge robots to take over the world, or perhaps just to steal ice cream. Thank goodness for Captain Kapow, who could always take care of Baron and keep him in check. That is until one fateful day when Captain Kapow was frozen by Baron von Baddie’s ice ray. No one could stop Baron von Baddie from doing what he wished. He built robots, changed the days of the week around and ate lots and lots of doughnuts. But eventually, even these pleasures lost their

  4. Whoa Ka-blam! Cute evil genius “Baron Von Baddie” strikes again with his shameful and appalling plots – this time, spreading terror by inventing an Ice Ray Machine. His malevolent schemes of course are perpetually thwarted by his rival superhero Captain Kapow so that law and order are always ultimately restored. But this time, our naughty villain succeeds and gets away by accidentally freezing Captain Kapow. This book will truly be enjoyed by kids! Baron Von Baddie’s character is very much like

  5. If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Saved by the Bell” alone, you know that it isn’t as much fun when there’s no one watching with you. The show is better if there is someone for you to interact with. Taking in “Jessie’s Song” with a friend: 10. The same episode by yourself: 7. A similar principle can be applied to doing something sneaky. If no one is there to say “no”, it’s not much fun. Certain kids know this concept well. “Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident”, by George McClements (Ni

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