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  1. Grade/Interest Level: Upper Elementary (3rd-5th)
    Reading Level: Lexile, 630L AD
    Genre: Picture Book, Biography

    Main Characters:Barack Obama, David, David’s Mother
    Setting:David’s House, Hawaii, Chicago, Indonesia, California, Kenya
    POV: Third Person

    Summary: The story of Barack Obama is shared between two characters in the book, David (a young boy) and his mother. As Barack Obama is on television, David is curious and asks his mother about him, who tells her son the life of Obama. Ever since Barack Ob

  2. To be all sorts of fair and balanced, I read this and Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope back to back and will review them together.

    Both books seemed a little full of shit (can you say shit in a picture book review?), but the McCain book was better. The illustrations were lovely, and I think the intended picture book audience will understand the story better. The Obama book was sort of abstract and cheesey, and I think the illustrations would only appeal to older librarian ladies (you k

  3. …egh. Another sub-par children’s book about Obama that felt like political propaganda instead of a biography. It’s a little better than Jonah Winter’s “Barack,” although not by much. I especially hate the personification of hope in this one, which I found to be an especially juvenile and condescending plot device.

    I hope some authors start creating better books about the president for kids.

  4. This book is totally nuts – I mean, a kids’ book about how great Barack Obama is? What is this – Soviet Russia? Worth a read just to get that satisfying ‘jaw drop’ feeling that has become almost a whisp of a memory in this modern day in age, when nothing phases any of us…

  5. The book Barack Obama: Son of promise, child of hope was written by Nikki Grimes and illustrated by Bryan Collier. This is a bibliography about Obama’s journey to becoming the president of the United Stated. The story is told by a mother to a son who is curious about whom Obama is. This is about Obama having hope in change. He went through different struggles with his race, his father nit being around, and not knows how he could make people lives better. Obama wanted to help the poor and the nee

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