4 thoughts on “Bad Dates

  1. I loved this play. While reading one person shows can often be daunting, Rebeck’s character has enough desperation and comedic wit to keep you going until the end.

  2. It’s hard NOT to like a play that begins, “Do you like these shoes?” and ends “I’m going to go have coffee . . . .” But what happens in between those lines is important too.

    Haley, a single mom and a self-proclaimed idiot savant at managing restaurants, has decided it’s time to try dating again after a several year hiatus. Her decision is sparked by her attendance at a Buddhist benefit where she realizes that she is attracted to a man who thinks people should try to communicate with bugs (Bug Guy

  3. One woman play set in New York City about many bad dates. Funny lines on the rough road to finding love. In love as in life first impressions may not always be best.

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