5 thoughts on “Astral Project, Vol. 1

  1. Masahiko’s sister dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving him with a lot of unanswered questions and one small item: a CD of jazz music she left for him. It’s not just any CD, though; through trial and error, Masahiko slowly comes to realize that when he listens to the music and concentrates deeply, he can astrally project himself all over the city. Now he’s convinced his sister’s death wasn’t a fluke, and he’s determined to find out just what the hell is going on. Interesting premise, and

  2. No esperaba que fuera a gustarme tanto (de momento, aún quedan 3 tomos más), pero desde la primera página me ha enganchado. Ahora quiero resolver el misterio cuanto antes…

  3. Very interesting manga with a supernatural theme. Starts kinda slow but the art is good, the format of the book is bigger than the usual manga book and the paper quality is also good, considering it’s CMX. A pleasant surprise!

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