4 thoughts on “Art Deco Graphics

  1. Pretty indepth history on the Art Deco period for graphics, but the author obviously has some biases and misses some major artists or mentions them in a condescending manner. Overall it is a pretty good reference book with some beautiful pictures to illustrate it. I do wish the author had gone a bit more into detail on some of the mechanics of how some of those art styles were done as they did with Pochoir technique since it is a book focusing on graphics and some of those printing techniques ar

  2. All the great classics and a lot more to boot in this wonderful collection of Art Deco designs. You can see the influences of this period on modern-day designers – some of the pieces in this book look very familiar to winners of recent graphic design awards. I especially love the Vanity Fair covers. Made me want to pick up a pencil and start sketching!

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