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  1. I first read Ariadne around the time of its publication in 1980. Since then it has survived many cullings of my bookshelf – as well as a house fire. I cracked its spine again this summer and was amazed (probably all over again) at how brilliant it is. Brindel has decoded and reimagined the Cretan and Greek Myths of the Minotaur, Daedalus, Icarus, Theseus and, above all, Ariadne. She clearly brings a good deal of scholarship (includes a long bibliography) to her fictional interpretation of the co

  2. 12 April

    This is one of the few books to which I must give a five star. It is a masterpiece of vivid, evocative, sensitive writing, research, and the way that the author has shown how the Theseus myth can be shown to have evolved as a work of patriarchal propoganda. I feel so sorry for Ariadne in this (although I always did symapathise with her, anyway).

    Two thirds of the way through. I found the love story between Icarus and Ariadne very touching. The scenes of rape and torture of the women pr

  3. This book is among the many I have found on the ground, and as such, I wasn’t expecting all that much of it. I was expecting some sort of histrionic “sex and death among the alabaster pillars of the ancients!!!!1!” – but, I was pleasantly surprised. This book offers a realistic version of the semi-mythical events that lead up to the Athenian Theseus slaying the minotaur at Knossos and marrying, somewhat messily, the two princesses, Ariadne and Pheadra. What the book really explores, though, is t

  4. I have to believe that I’m not the only reader who prefers writing reviews for books that I either loved or hated, but generally don’t have a lot to say about books that just left me feeling a bit ho-hum.

    The premise of Ariadne is interesting. Brindel cleverly takes an ages old mythological tale and puts a unique spin on the legend. Ariadne is a bit more coldly calculating and Theseus a complete DB.

    It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t feel as focused or “into” the read as I could have been.

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