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  1. It is not often that I read a book more than once – in fact, pretty much never. There are too many books in the world to do that! This book is an exception. It also catapulted me into action one Sunday. I rearranged our living room and reconfigured our guest room. Watch out, this book is dangerous!

    The author is a consultant who calls himself an Apartment Therapist. He goes into peoples’ homes and helps them create a home they are happy with. He has a very holistic way of looking at the home whic

  2. I learned a lot of things from this book, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I never really think about how I’m affected by my living space. Small touches go a long way. More than anything else I learned that getting rid of stuff you don’t need is essential. Although I doubt I’ll place candles around the house or buy fresh flowers every week, the advice about color, artwork, and furniture placement will be useful once I settle down a bit.

    Interesting tips:
    Always leave the shower curt

  3. An interesting take on home design and organization. I enjoy the apartmenttherapy website, and so had to take a look at this book. Gillingham-Ryan definitely wants you pare back what you have, and to plunk down quite a bit of cash on what you choose have. While I like the idea of choosing once and choosing good quality when it comes to larger items, his cost suggestions (for sofas, lamps, etc) seem high to me. But then, I’m really not in the position to buy or renovate.

    On the other hand, my favo

  4. Psst! I secretly like the precious psychological stories. They help me regain my sense of humor when I’m feeling particularly stuck on the home front.

    The original Apartment Therapy book is a purse-sized paperback guide to putting one’s home in order, in a way that’s supposed to be welcoming and nurturing.

    There are pieces I frankly disagree with. For instance, there’s a big emphasis on walking to the store on Sunday night to buy food for dinner. Try that in Phoenix, and it’s a two-mile hike in th

  5. some good, actionable advice marred by psychobabble that made me alternately giggle and roll my eyes a little bit.

    *** The Quiz (you can substitute house for apartment, if need be) . . . ***

    List your favorite in each category:

    television show
    clothing (designer or store)

    How would you describe your style (3 words)?

    Personal History
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    Whom would you consider a role

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