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  1. Fans of the novels (which are better) won’t find much of anything new in this prequel to the Anita Blake series. Anita comes across as pretty green compared to book one but I suppose this is supposed to be her before she became really tough so she seems weaker on the page when it comes to willpower. Additionally, she gets rescued a great deal more rather than getting out of the problem through her own abilities. While Hamilton is listed as one of the authors I strongly suspect she made a cursory

  2. The never before told story of how Anita got her scars and cross shaped brand, as well as how she first met Jean-Claude while researching a vampire murderer who’s targeting adolescent boys.

    Interesting for old fans as well as those who are interested in an introduction to Anita Blake’s world of zombie raising and vampire slaying.

    As a fan of the French vampire, it was interesting to see that he instantly took a liking to Anita.

    Good story, and the handbook at the back is a helpful way of keeping tr

  3. The first Death is an interesting enough story, put on paper. It’s supposed to be the prequel before the book series starts. Anita describes bits and pieces of what happened to her in Guilty pleasures and the following books, to explain how her arm got so mangled and how she came to posses all her scars.

    So far I still prefer the novels, but I’m willing to give the Graphic novels another try. I think Laurell K. Hamilton just does such a good job explaining what’s going on in her stories and allo

  4. A graphic novel by Laurell K. Hamilton and Johnathan Green, this book took the reader into Anita’s past before her relationships with Jean Claude and the rest. I have been to the point where I wanted this series to die like 10 books ago. There is just no more to write about Anita and her 100 boyfriends. The mother of all darkness is dead and there are no more really scary villains, so Anita is back to dealing with her boyfriends, the ardeur, and her two jobs. Just wrap it up already Laurell! May

  5. My first one-star rating of the year, sigh. Though I was very tempted to give Flirt the same treatment, it got off with 2 stars.

    The is the first graphic novel I’ve ever read and boy was it bad. This is supposed to be a prequel to Guilty Pleasures. It includes Anita and JC’s first meeting which DOES NOT match the story given in the series. JC says that he fell in love with Anita at first sound, saw her gun and knew she could defend herself and wouldn’t wait around to be rescued – only the meeting

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