4 thoughts on “Animal Babies Peek a Boo!

  1. This is a very tactile book. It not only has flaps to lift for the peek-a-boo effect, it also has textured elements on almost every page. In addition to all of the interesting things to feel, this book encourages children to practice their animal noises (incidentally, why is that a life skill? Does it really benefit my baby to know that cows say moo and ducks say quack?). My baby already enjoys looking at this book during tummy time, and I think he will like it even more once he can use his hand

  2. Animal Babies Peek a Boo! by Tim Bugbird is the second book in the Peek A Boo! series that we’ve read. This version was a definite hit.

    My son is rapidly learning what sounds animals make, and their names. He can easily identify most of the animals in this book. When we find the kitten, he meows. When we find the puppy, he woofs. When we find the ducklings, he points to each one and says duck.

    This is a lift-the-flap book, with some textures. Like the first one we read, I find the full page sized

  3. Not only is this a great book to introduce Peek-a-Boo to your littlest ones; it also is a touch-and-feel book, an animal book, and the sound the animal makes is also included!

    The adventure begins with finding a kitten in a basket…

    then discovering a bear slurping up sweet yellow honey…

    then three furry penguin babies marching by the snowman…

    then a cute puppy chewing on a fancy slipper…

    until four extremely cute goslings are swimming in the pool.

    What a great book and a great value, as your l

  4. This is a fun filled board book of peek a `boo with baby animals like a kitten, cub, penguin, puppy, and ducks. Each page asks a question, than tells where the animal is and it makes the sound. An example is when you find the kitten the cat says meow. This book also helps promotes a babies oral language, texture, sounds, and case and effects. Animal Babies Peek a Boo is a great book for the age 0 and older!

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