6 thoughts on “Ancient Greece

  1. This book is a detailed description of life in Ancient Greece. It contains many pictures, maps and architectural images from the era which engage the reader and allow them to see the way of life for themselves. What I liked most about this book was that it made learning about such a serious topic quite fun. The book is laid out like a normal everyday travel guide that we would all use when going away on holidays and has various headings such as “When to Visit”, “What to Wear”, “Shopping” and “Th

  2. Not a bad overall introduction to ancient Greece. However, the authors seem to spend way too much of their time talking about the exceptions that prove the rule and about what ancient Greece could have been rather than discussing the cold, hard facts of ancient Greek life. For example, the authors feel the need to constantly quote and discuss the lone individual from ancient Greece who happened to think that slavery or the disenfranchisement of women were unjust, meanwhile glossing over the fact

  3. An excellent overview of Greece that doesn’t lose the details or the interesting anecdotes. Pomeroy’s influence there and on the role of Greek women is clear.

  4. This is an excellent text on ancient Greek history, aimed at an educated audience that probably knows a bit about the topic, but wants to know more. It’s not a textbook, but is written in an almost textbook-ish way; it’s very uniformly organized and well-arranged in way that helps the reader follow easily and learn well. The authors give and cite primary sources, as well as suggesting additional reading. I found that the blend of political, social, and cultural history the authors achieved made

  5. Easy to read and provides comprehensive coverage of Greek civilization based on ancient texts and physical evidence from the times of the oldest known burial sites to the Hellenic culture of the eastern Roman Empire. It ties together the deep and vivid pictures we get from reading primary sources. Current understanding based on recent scholarship. We continue to learn more about these times, thanks to ever new archaeological finds. Every chapter concludes with a list of suggested readings for pu

  6. I think there is a reason why this book is often chosen as a textbook for survey courses in ancient Greek history. It was the book used for the Greek history class I took, and the late Walter Donlan, one of the authors, was my professor. It is well-written and the scope covers Greece during its beginnings and Bronze Age through the Hellenistic Age (the time of Alexander and shortly thereafter). As the subtitle suggests, the book focuses on the politics, society, and culture of ancient Greece. It

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