5 thoughts on “Anastasia’s Surrender (The Dregg Chronicles #2)

  1. After quite enjoying the first book in this series I was quite looking forward to seeing where this book went! This book was slightly longer than the first book with ten pages in it so I was happy! I still found it a little hard to review though as it was still really short! I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really like this book as much as the first one though! I thought the first one had more suspense and action it compared to this one! The plot of this one continued off from where the

  2. This novella, part II of the Anastasias Surrender Dregg Chronicles. It is a horror story yet the author has created a lovable but torn character Anastasia who was dealt an unfair blow of life. She is a victim of an attack, lose her family to a bunch of murderers. She is traumatized, yet she is a warrior and now has to deal with the aftermath.

    The aftermath is that she was turned and craves human fresh meat. How can a sweet child, young woman feed herself fresh meat, and not be disgusted with hers

  3. What an amazing follow up to “Anastasia”. The story starts off with Anastasia having her first meal. And believe me after she is done, she is completely disgusted with herself, but she soon realizes this is who she is now. The carnies invite her to be part of the unique family giving her a job, place to live, and all the dreggs she can eat. Anastasia experiences lots of emotions in this continuation, she has sorrow for what she has lost, embrassement for what she is, fear of what she will become

  4. In Anastasia’s Surrender (The Dregg Chronicles Part II) by Dawn White it picks up right where Part I left off.. I almost gave this installment a Four Heart rating because it was just a little too short. I tend to lean on the artistic style of the author rather than the length of the read, that is why I gave this a Five. I liked the flow of this read as I zipped through it and found myself wanting more.

    I will not say what this installment entails other than I was left with my agape at the ending

  5. I love the Dregg Chronicles!
    Anastasia is trying to move on with what is left of her life in this second installment of the Dregg Chronicles. She has found her self shacked up with people she would’ve never crossed paths with before, having desires and needs she never thought possible.
    I enjoyed reading this gruesome short about a life lived among the dregs of society, and reconciling needs with carny style justice on the road.

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