5 thoughts on “Always True to You in My Fashion

  1. The story describes 3 women, unbeknownst to each other, in a relationship with the same man. Other men in their lives, such as their fathers and ex’s, also have had a pattern of infidelity, causing suffering to their families, especially their wives. The women deal with decisions of whether to let the men continue to define the quality of the women’s lives with their unfaithfulness.

    The book could have a great message of redemption, but for the fact that all three women and the men they were deal

  2. I really don’t know how to discribe this book it didn’t catch me the way i thought it should. I struggled to finish it,but in the long run i made it. I will read more of her novels because i love to read i did find things that was very interesting. Name of the book didn’t fit the story.

  3. This was a first read for me of this author. The details grasped my interest & I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, I could predict some events, but overall, I looked forward to the next pages. I will read more of Wesley’s books.

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