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    Wendy left her pack because of her ex. He seems to be following her and she knows that she needs to stop him before anything else happens and someone else gets hurt. There is just something not right about him. She follows the rules of a cop because that is what she is and she has no faith in a wolf pack because of what happened to her. When she meets Brett he just rubs her the wrong way. Sh

  2. Wendy and Brett have an instant animal attraction. When they give in it leaves you with most of the book filled with heated Alpha and mate sex scenes. They never do have an emotional attraction since this story is all about the shapeshifter lust. So I didn’t see so much of the romance as I did the story line set to arouse. There is agitation to heighten the sexual drama when Wendy’s Ex Jack goes after her friend and Brett’s pack mates. This is written well and filled with passion. It says this i

  3. This book picks up were Mating Call leaves off. Wendy set Steph up on a date with Mike, the EMT, when Steph thinks Shaw and Jordan are looking for their mate. Mike is attacked by Wendy’s ex, who exposes her to the local werewolf alpha, Brett. Wendy wants no part of a pack. However, Brett is adamant that she is in his territory she is in his pack. He wants her as his and to protect her. Brett has his hands full convincing Wendy to stay with him and let him protect her and stay with the pack. She

  4. Wendy is a cop and a strong independent shifter. She doesn’t belong to a pack nor does she want to. Brett is a sexy alpha and leader of the local pack.When Wendy’s ex comes to town and starts hurting people Wendy feels she can take care of him alone. However, this is Brett’s turf and he thinks it’s up to him protect all the werewolves in his town. Including Wendy whether she likes it or not. Tempers flare but that’s not the only thing that gets hot. The sex between them sizzles as their animal i

  5. Alpha call is follow up to Mating Call and it is about Wendy a shifter cop, and Brett the alpha wolf.

    Wendy finds Brett irritating, overbearing and sexy beyond belief. Brett thinks Wendy is trouble with a capital T, and hotter than the dog days of summer. Butting heads can be fun, but there are other ways to rub against each other. Intimate, lusty ways. And that about says it all. It’s a ok book nothing amazing to really draw you in with to keep you coming back for more. It could of had more rel

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