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  1. This book is about a great basketball player named Allen Iverson. It talks about the challenges he faced while growing up and how became such a great player. Allen had two siblings and he was born into poverty. His dad would come and go and he barely knew him, but he was a really good football player and everyone knew about him. One time his uncle and his friends were playing basketball and he wanted to play but they said no. So later one of his uncles friends had to leave so Allen jumped in and

  2. Allen Iverson: Fear No One
    By John N. Smallwood Jr.

    Reviewed by Brandon Sanders

    At a young age I was inspired by a book. The name of the book was “NBA Stars”. This book inspired me because as a kid you look up to people who are successful. You want to be just like them with the money, big houses, and fame. This book could be inspiring for people who are less fortunate because they also now have somebody to look up to.

    The book changed my view because I start looking at basketball on television a

  3. I read this book awhile ago when I was in high school. I really liked watching him play and wanted to know more about him and this really did that for him. I would recommend this for anyone interested in AI because it really tells you a lot of what he went through.

  4. I really wasn’t that fond of this book. If you haven’t guessed by the title, it is a biography of the current Detroit Pistons point guard, Allen Iverson. The book itself, while informative, didn’t really tell me anything that I didn’t know about him. Most of the stuff that the book describes could be found on such sites as Wikipedia or the official NBA website.
    OVerall, the book didn’t reallly impress me and I thought that it could have been better. It seemed like it was a book report or a biogra

  5. This book is a biography about Allen Iverson. It starts from when he was a little kid to the championship game in 2001, the Sixers vs the Lakers. The book shows the struggles and the obstacles Iverson had to overcome to het to the NBA and there were many. The main one was he really had no money and no father figure growing up.

    Overall i liked this book. I mostly liked it because it was about a basketball player i know and i wanted to see how it is in the NBA. Then getting deeper into the book i l

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