2 thoughts on “Allama Iqbal Aur Hum

  1. Reading Urdu has always been a struggle for me. But I’m glad that I made the effort.
    Its unfortunate that Allama Iqbal is merely preserved and presented as a cultural heritage instead of extracting the essence of his message and reflecting on his words which undoubtedly are a food for thought.
    Now I know a lot better who this great man was and what legacy he left for me and the world. I pray that Allah swt elevate Iqbal’s statuses in Jannah and may the addressees of his ‘poetic dawah’ soon wake

  2. Dr. Israr Ahmad has fulfilled the Obligation to Interpret Iqbal’s poetry in This Beautiful work of His.
    I think Non has explained Iqbal with such details as Dr.Israr has.
    May Allah swt bless him, and raise his status in Jannah.
    A must read book, Make your Concepts clear about Iqbal’s poetry.

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