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  1. This book looked like a good way to continue my recent forays into the world of short stories. I don’t often use the product description in my reviews but as the author has done so elsewhere it will help illustrate the range of stories within this book.

    “A brief synopses of each story:

    City on a Hill
    This city is like your own in a time period reminiscent of the 20th century. It is filled with gleeful hedonists out in an urban landscape celebrating ‘Merry Day’. Its narrative is experimental and fil

  2. Dear God! If I read any more fabulous short stories I might be tempted to give up reading anything else!

    Now, as far as styles go, this is the very original, gutsy kind. Boy, do I love that sort! But I am aware there are those that might not like this sort of writing; to those I say, to each his own. My opinion is writing, as an art form, should be gutsy, and awesomely unique, and intimately personal. The more edgy the writing style, the more personal the reading experience is.

    All stories are won

  3. All Night by the Rose is a collection of thirteen stories and each story differs greatly from the last. I have mixed feelings about the collection as a whole. It is definitely unique and has great style but overall I give it 3.5 stars.

    When writing short stories, it’s extremely difficult to establish a distinct atmosphere, set up the conflict and characters, and enthral the reader with such limited space. There is something special about this collection (the author’s voice and wordplay are except

  4. Collection of 13 short stories.
    Frankly, I couldn’t read all of these. I managed to get through only three and a half.
    The first story, City on the Hill, appears to be about slackers. It reminded me of Clockwork Orange without the violence.
    I was totally amazed at the first sentence. I had to go back and count the words – 78. I was already confused. Then I got to the second sentence – 100 words. How I managed to get through this story is a mystery although the dialogue parts went pretty fast.
    The s

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