5 thoughts on “All about Hedge Funds

  1. Informative and probably best for someone with some prior knowledge or experience with the stock market. They tried to make it look beginner but some of the theories kind of went past me.

  2. I found this extremely informative and very helpful as I try to learn more about the hedge fund industry. It’s thorough, covering a variety of topics, while not being assuming – meaning that it provides good explanations for beginners like me. I’d recommend this book as a starting point for anyone wanting to learn about hedge funds or the financial industry in general.

  3. When you’re finally done with all the books containing supersized success stories about fund managers and their inflated ego’s read this one. The beef starts after about 50 pages and the author explains how the markets works complete with charts, theory and examples.

  4. Good book. Walks through a nice summary of the hedge fund industry, the different strategies used in the hedge fund industry.

    A little technical for those not familiar with certain financial terms. But a great read.

  5. Good book, detailed and technical… but I’ve lost interest in the subject a little and am therefore finding the material a little dry. Will need to revisit again later.

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