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  1. When one reads historical fiction, most important is whether the writer can transport the reader to the period of time the novel takes place in. Harry E. Gilleland Jr., the author of Aldric & Anneliese has scored a bullseye on all accounts. The 6th Century comes popping off each page, accompanied by kings, knights and great battles. Most important, Aldric, the central character is so finely drawn, that the reader is immediately taken by him and wishes to accompany him on his perilious advent

  2. Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. has written a thrilling novel set in the 6th century entitled Aldric and Anneliese. This book depicts 6th century Eastern Europe when chivalrous knights abounded and ladies supported them. It was a lawless age where barbarian tribes traveled the countryside killing and plundering as romances flourished and knights fought wars with honor.
    Aldric is raised with Edmund who was to become king of the unified regions. Unfortunately, Edmund’s life ended soon after he became king

  3. This high fantasy adventure is full of surprises, kingdoms uniting, kings to be crowned, royal intrigues and marriages. It also has the usual betrayals, tragedies and revenge. It was an ease read; I finished it in one day. It is well done and makes you keep turning the pages.
    The story begins with a king who has a dream. His dream is to see all the tribes become one country with one government at its head. With this comes the possibility that the other tribes may not like this idea and war would

  4. Triangles and Twist a Tale this Weaves
    Have you ever read a story and started with a set of characters only to find out they were not really the characters to follow all along. They were actually the reason for the main characters after all. This is what you will find in the story titled “Aldric and Anneliese” written by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. Another interesting part of the story that always amazes me when I read things like this is the amount of arranged marriages that took place during the ti

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this little book. Its a historical epic without all the excess details, it is straight to the point, only 168 pages.
    A few parts of the book felt a little rushed or brushed over but I think the Author did it that way on purpose to keep it short? The characters were well done and I felt I knew them even in such a short book.
    The book, to me, is about redemption and forgiveness. I did despise Ursula through the whole book though. I thought for sure she was pulling the w

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