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  1. I received this book as a gift a few years ago, but was only able to get a couple of chapters into it. The writing style which involves many quotes from actual letters written by or to Abigail Adams was a challenge. Also, it was hard for me to keep all the their friends and family members (and there were many) straight in my mind.

    I recently read an extremely well written and entertaining book on John Adams by David McCullough that gave me a concise layout of the the events and people in the liv

  2. I found this book interesting, but it took many months to read. I liked the description and the details of history weaved into a pleasing narrative. But, it is a very traditional biography and chapters such as “Circumstances and connections respectable” and “Faithful are the Wounds” are not very spicy.

    Still, Mrs. Adams is worth knowing. She was married to a president and mother to a president. She calls B.S. on the Virginian founding fathers for supporting slavery. She is a rigid new Englander

  3. Worth buying—if you want a model of how not to write a biography. Dull and superficial, it’s little more a five hundred page long summary of Adams’ letters, managing to provide absolutely no insights into her personality, or the historical and social forces at work in the world around her. There’s little interpretation at all; there were plenty of openings which I could see in the quoted sources for gender/race commentary, but Levin passes them all by with seeming complete obliviousness. Whoever

  4. If this book is anything, it is (as far as I know) complete. This book, however, isn’t just about Abigail Adams; it tells the stories of many of the Adams family, occasionally not mentioning Abigail for pages.

    One thing I found helpful was that this book provided enough context about the American history of the time that with a basic knowledge of it, I was able to understand everything that was going on. Unfortunately, the same was not true for international history; with minimal context, I was o

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