3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Colonies

  1. Anyone who likes to read about early American history will like this book. Virgina Bernhard wrote a historical fiction of the Jamestown settlement in a book entitled A Durable Fire, which is excellent.

    This book, A Tale of Two Colonies is not fiction, but explains the politics and problems among the members of the Virginia Company, who provided the financing for the first trip to the settlement. It is fascinating to read about how the Sea Venture (one of the original ships sailing to Jamestown)

  2. I really struggled through the beginning of the book. I found the writing to be terribly boring despite the fascinating history. The book does pick up toward the middle and from there on out it was very interesting. I did learn quite a bit. I had no idea that Bermuda was the second colony for the British and it all happened by chance. I am happy that I finished after my trip to Bermuda as the story brought up many pleasant memories from our explorations around the town of St. Georges. I can’t wa

  3. Great book if you have an interest in this part of the world. I learnt a lot that I had not come across before. Thank you to the author for putting a lot of it in plain English – made it easier to follow.

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