3 thoughts on “A Slow Return to Skinny Dipping

  1. I liked the premise of the story. Many people have lived lives they weren’t expecting. Ellie never planned to become a busy executive, let alone a millionaire. I liked that she had honesty as a core component of her character. She is a woman of integrity. Her journey “home” is one, I think many of us wish we could take. Her struggles to change her lifestyle felt genuine. Her relationship with Scruff is exciting in many ways, tender, and believable. The love scenes were very sensual. Certainly th

  2. Getting back to basics

    Ellen was growing tired of the self-centered people who profited greatly from her in general. Ellen Jackson was a self-made woman. Starting back in the Virginia Mountains as a young girl she learned lessons from her Granny about helping others and supporting oneself. She worked hard and had made it to New York running her own business. Even though she is “rich” she saves every dime she makes because she never wants to have to move back to the mountains of her past … so she

  3. A Slow Return to Skinny Dipping: Author Tom Williams

    Ellen Jackson buries herself in her job making sure that her patients receive the best care. When other girls go out on dates, she reads books and articles in her field. Reading up on clinical data for treatments of burns and upper extremity injuries was her way of making sure justice was served to her patients and she was going that extra mile doing her job. With an efficient assistant her workload should have been lightened and her schedule

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