5 thoughts on “A Short History of South-East Asia

  1. Born as a Japanese, haven’t been experienced war and serious conflict except through internet and TV, working for world consumers, and living in Singapore, this 200 page book is quite concise yet very thorough to open my eyes about what is surrounding me. To understand the different ethnic/cultural/religious acceptance in each ASEAN country, the political stance today, this book is excellent source explaining different historical background of each ASEAN country in their history. This should be

  2. This book attempts to be middle ground between short travel-guide style synopses of Southeast Asian countries, and book-length histories of each country in the region. The book succeeds in that! The histories of the countries are definitely longer and more in-depth than you will find in a travel guide, and they are definitely shorter than a book-length treatment. From that perspective this book is successful, but there are a couple major knocks against it.

    In shortening the history: 1) some secti

  3. Probably would have given it a 3.5 if I could… a little slow a points and a page turner at others, but it’s a good introduction for someone new to studying the region and its history. Gives an in-depth analysis country-by-country of how historical events and figures shaped the economies, politics, and cultural norms of each member nation of ASEAN from ancient times to 2005.

  4. Brief overviews on the histories of all the nations in South East Asia. Lots of information, dense and dry, but edifying and worth the read for some basic grounding in the region.

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