5 thoughts on “A Poem for a Pickle

  1. A Poem for a Pickle by Eve Merriam is a book of fun rhyming poems that will make you laugh and would be great to use when learning about poetry in the classroom. The author’s unique and funny word play on a variety of subjects will allow students in grades K-2 to enjoy poetry. It also uses wonderful illustrations to have a visual to go along with the poems. The poem “Can a Can?” consists of lines such as, “A bell can ring, a ring can be round, leaves can fall in the fall on the ground”. This can

  2. I’ll admit that my primary reason for reading this book is that I was suckered into it by the title, but I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. I thought that the poems were surprisingly relatable and well written.
    I thought that it was an especially good book for children because it had great imagery, word choice, and repetition. It also had an entire poem about word association which I thought was very clever.
    My favorite poems were Can a Can, Crickets, and The Ice C

  3. Any poem that Eve Merriam writes is terrific for children. I use many of her poems for school. They are fun, rhyming and great for fluency practice. I also love her clever word play.

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