5 thoughts on “A New Brother or Sister

  1. This book describes the steps leading up to the baby, what to expect while their mom is in the hospital and what to except when the baby is brought home. This book is helpful and provides new siblings with an insight look into having a new baby in a way that is interesting, fun and easy for them to understand. It would be a nice book to have in the classroom and at home. As a teacher, if you knew a student was expecting a new sibling you could read the book to the entire class and students with

  2. I checked out a slew of books to help explain the new baby coming to my son. This one is a basic book, that focuses a lot on the changes to the child’s environment once the baby gets here.
    My biggest problem with the book might not bother other people – but they focus on many of the negative emotions like how a child “might feel jealous” etc when the baby comes. To be sure, my son might, but I’d prefer to see that actually happen and then address it in my son, vs. putting the idea in his head an

  3. The straightforward, matter-of-fact text provides a basic overview of what a youngster may expect when a new family member is born. Readers will find out what happens before a new baby arrives, when the baby arrives, and when the new baby comes home. Suggestions about what babies like, need, and how to help take care of the baby and/or play with the baby are provided. Guillain also admits that parents may be tired or distracted and that the sibling may become jealous.
    Multicultural families ar

  4. From this easy-to-read title, young readers can learn what to expect when a new baby brother or sister arrives. There are plenty of pictures and explanations for some of the baby’s annoying behavior. The title should reassure older siblings while also providing insight that will help them understand the baby’s need for frequent feedings and naps.

  5. I would give this book zero stars if I could. This book is negative and not an accurate depiction of what a loving family life is like after the addition of a new baby… It horrified my kids (8 and 6). What about showing the inclusiveness of all children in day to day activities?

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