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  1. Oh dear. I happened across so many errors in the foreword and dedications alone that I knew this was going to be bad.
    Where to start-a website listed for further reading lost one of its w’s, Transcript doesn’t need a capital letter, apostrophe errors…
    On the first page written by a friend is the line “….into her young mans eye’s…….”
    So it really needs an editing process or proofread.
    Without sounding unsympathetic too, I did notice in the first paragraphs by the mother in the book that it se

  2. By C.W. Gortner

    Heart-breaking, and at times infuriating, in its depiction of the ruthless machinery of our courts, “A Mother’s Torment” by Shirley Dicks is both a mother’s impassioned plea for a fallen son and a scathing commentary on the terrifying vulnerability that so many people without means in this country suffer while enmeshed in the criminal justice system.

    Jeff Dicks, the twenty-two year old son of an impoverished Tennessee mother, was convicted of murder and sentenced to die, despite

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