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  1. We weren’t quite on the same page, this book and I.

    When I first heard that this book had to do with a man who had been ordered to set himself on fire, I was immediately all ears. Such an intriguing premise! Will he decide to go through with it? How does one convince him/her self and build up the courage to die for a greater cause? What would be the thoughts running through his mind as he spends the last few hours of his life? Such were the questions I wished to learn about as I started reading t

  2. Waking one Warsaw morning to thoughts of death and the end of the world, Tadeusz Konwicki receives a series of visitors: a drunken official notifies him that his water will be cut off for maintenance, a plumber arrives to turn off his gas in the wake of a recent gas-leak explosion at another building, and two friends from the dissident literati stop in to notify him that he’s been selected as the best candidate to self-immolate on the steps of the party headquarters that night (enough name-recog

  3. This book is piffle, highly entertaining piffle albeit, but piffle. Written and published during the martial law period when the Solidarity movement was driven underground and many of its leaders were in jail, the author who profoundly misreads the true political lay of the land decides to settle accounts with those intellectuals of Poland who first flirted with Solidarity and then went scurrying back to their regular communist patrons once the government declared martial law and began jailing S

  4. I had very high expectations for “A Minor Apocalypse” and am now quite undecided on how to rate this book.
    On the one hand this novel is an excellent allegory of the state Poland – read Warsaw – was in at the end of the 1970s and is full of glittering literary inventions.
    And yet, on the other hand, after a quite promising start the book derails into a sort of grotesque parody à la Grosz where it becomes really hard keeping track of what’s going on: at least for me.

    Konwicki wrote “A Minor Apocalyp

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