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  1. I never had much interest in history when I was younger. I had a standard public school education; I knew the story they were feeding us at school was bullshit, which somehow led me to believe that history itself was a waste of my time.

    When I was in college and trying to finagle credit for a winter in Mexico by way of an investigative journalism project, I was dismayed when my prospective professor informed me that he’d only green light my proposal if I promised to spend the summer reading a gia

  2. I’ve ‘planned’ to read a history of Mexico since my (now former) wife took a course on the subject and started vacationing there with friends. I myself was reluctant to go, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being a rich visitor in a relatively poor state. However, her repeated trips to the Yucatan and my reading up about the history of the Maya eventually wore down such resistance. Still, this was but a region of the country and an atypical one at that.

    So, for years I skirted the subject un

  3. Although originally published in 1938 and again most recently in 1969, the book still reads well today. And for those who would like to continue on, almost to the present, I would highly recommend Opening Mexico: The Making of a Democracy, which takes up almost where this one leaves off with only a chapter or so of overlap.

    The first 400 years of the post-Columbian history of Mexico is quite sad to say the least. Had the Aztecs and Mayas been only slightly more technologically advanced and a litt

  4. This is a BIG book, over 400 pages. It took me forever to finish, but it was worth it. Since I’m half Hispanic, I wanted to learn about my culture. As a child, I was always interested in the Mayas and the Aztecs. Unfortunately, Mexico was exploited by the Spanish, the British, the French and the Americans. Much of her history is riddled with political corruption in an attempt to achieve stability, but there were many diverse groups that made Mexico difficult to unite. (A side note: Illegal immig

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