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  1. Arthur Camden is a well-to-do, middle-aged New Yorker in a bit of a bind. His wife left him (after having affairs through most of their marriage) because he wasn’t aggressive enough, he’s run his family business into the ground and he doesn’t quite know what the next step in his life should be. And bursting into tears in front of other members of the exclusive Hanover Street Fly Casters is probably not the best way to put on a brave face.

    Michael Dahlie’s book tells the story of a man whose life

  2. Auchincloss, John O’Hara and F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about rich northeastern WASPs living in Boston and New York. Their protagonists are most often powerful people with Harvard and Yale degrees who are used to getting their way but run into marital and professional difficulties they must either solve or come to terms with. Michael Dahlie writes about this same microcosm but his protagonist in A Gentleman’s Guide to Graceful Living is a failure. He runs his business into bankruptcy and his wife

  3. The Gentleman’s Guide To Graceful Living, by Michael Dahlie, was a really fun read, and an impressive debut novel.

    The reader is introduced to Arthur Camden, fifty-something, who lives on the upper East side of Manhattan. Arthur is a devoted husband and father who loves fly fishing and belongs to an elite club for fly-fisherman. Suddenly, Arthur’s life is full of bad breaks: his wife leaves him for another man, his business fails due to his own incompetence, he has trouble making a good impressio

  4. Super fast read about a guy so pathetic it’s a tribute to the literary powers of Michael Dahlie that he’s able to sustain interest in a guy who’s run his family’s import-export business into the ground and is left by his wife of 32 years and is ridiculed by all for his ineptitude. Despite his angst and failures, Arthur lives a cushy life on Manhattan’s privileged upper east side; he considers the other 10 gentlemen in his private fly fishing club to be his best friends, but then he accidentally

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