2 thoughts on “A Different Dream

  1. Another good one in this series that started with Some Sort of Spell. In this one, the evil half-sister who so tormented the Cinderella heroine of Some Sort of Spell gets her own book.

    And she is not likable at the beginning, not all, but the H sees a lot of his vulnerabilities of growing up in a famous family and feeling unloved that he pursues her. First he pursues her to convince her to give up her acting dreams to become a casting director/agent in his new company – and later he pursues her t

  2. Maybe 4.5 stars — I really liked this one. I think I especially enjoy spoiled, flawed heroines — I just really like it when a hero falls in love with a heroine despite her flaws. This one had some good angst and a great resolution. Really enjoyed it.

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