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  1. Maybe you’ve noticed I have an obsession with this case. I’ve read some books and I’d always thought Amanda and Raffaelle were innocent. Well, maybe I doubted a couple of times.
    BUT, this book made me question everything I’ve ever read/though/decided about the case. I’m not sure yet if that’s ok or not, but one thing I’m sure of is that this book was amazing. It’s pretty detailed and has tons of information I haven’t found before (or have forgotten along the way).
    So now I’m confused about this w

  2. Okay, I’m fascinated by the Meredith Kercher/Amanda Knox story, embarrassing as that is to admit. The recent acquittal in Italy of two of Meredith’s accused murderers has not really put the media speculation to rest- many commentators are utterly convinced that two killers have now managed to evade justice, while others believe the convictions should never have happened in the first place.

    Unsurprisingly, there are a great many books about this case on the market, but this appears to be one of t

  3. 3.5 STARS

    So I have recently discovered that the second appeal of this case is currently being heard in Italy and so my selection of this title is timely.

    I must confess that prior to reading this book, I had little knowledge of the case. American reporting of this crime and the criticism levelled at the Italian Justice System turned me off. Essentially this book tells the story of the murder of Meredith Kercher, a 21 year old British exchange student studying International Politics in Perugia It

  4. This case and investigation is a complete cluster. I don’t think we will ever know the truth about what happened to Meredith Kercher, which is an awful shame for her family. My personal opinion about Amanda Knox given the thorough evidence stated in the book is that she wasn’t involved (and my guess as to why her recollection of the night of the murder is so poor is a mixture of stress and drugs). But hey.

    She was convicted again earlier this year. A weird, maybe kind of unlikeable or attention-

  5. A detailed and balanced account of the murder and the subsequent trial.
    Don’t believe any of the nonsense that this book is slanted to the prosecution side. The fact is, there is an abundance of evidence against the accused. Btw, the Supreme Court has yet to rule on the legitimacy of the appeal.

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