3 thoughts on “A Dark-Brown Dog and Other Stories

  1. This very short story is so powerful that it has stayed with me for days. If you’ve ever had a relationship with a dog and have observed or lived in a dysfunctional family, this story will resonate with you. At the highest level, it’s a tragic story that expertly illustrates the ugliness and wicked cycle of physical abuse. Crane manages to show in a very few tightly knit paragraphs how a young boy replicates his father’s anger and violence toward a dog who steadfastly remains loyal and loving. A

  2. I primarily picked up this book because “A Dark-Brown Dog” fit one of my challenges for the month. Didn’t really expect it to be absolutely heart breaking and appalling (the treatment of the dog, not the writing). So horrible.

    My dog’s going to be getting extra treats for the rest of her life.

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