0 thoughts on “A Dark and Noisy Night

  1. Um, to me this book missed the mark a bit. I would say from the story that this book was written for a five or six-year-old, but the text skews a little higher. Older children, however, would probably find this story a bit silly.

    The illustrations are OK, but not anything special.

    Actual rating: 2.5 stars, but I round up when I have chocolate in the house.

  2. I won this book recently and this easy reader is an easy winner. The pig is subtly hilarious scared of every creak and groan in the house and there is a fun twist at the end. Fabulous illustrations make this a firm favorite in this house. (And my kids are reluctant readers)

  3. This was a great book to help a young reader practice their skills. Peggy the Pig hears all sorts of sounds one night as she prepares to go to sleep. This book gives you the opportunity to talk to your children about night sounds and where they come from.

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