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  1. Let’s face it. The romance novel started in England (Austin, Bronte’s) and we’re all just itching for it to get back there. The country might be stuck in the past and have its current issues, but if you’re just reading about manor houses, family feuds and horse riding, what’s not to like?
    A Class Apart puts Octavia, heir to Radleigh, on a collision course with Jake Bentley (the name incidentally of the author’s dog!). She has the title and background, he has the money and they both want the house

  2. This novel has a well-drawn and believable story with many unexpected twists. The reader comes away knowing every character equally well. The author is a skilled wordsmith. Despite the generous use of adjectives, everyone is appropriate and never repeated. Rather than distracting they enrich the story, lending the English flavor that our author knows personally. Every fabric and stick of furniture is correctly described. The cities and transportation are accurately employed. I highly recommend t

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I took to the heroine Octavia right off. She wasn’t the spoiled little rich girl that many thought her to be, but a fiery, strong and independent woman who will do anything to save her family home, even if it means cooperating with “the enemy.” Trust me, once you start reading this, you won’t want to put it down!

  4. I’m in chapter thirteen. It’s very British and I like the story so far, but the narration is frustrating.
    Everyone speaks with the same voice….even an old man sounds like a female.
    I’ m struggling to finish the book…..

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