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  1. Anyone who has/had a beloved cat at some point in their life will be able to connect with some aspect of this story. A quick, simple read about how the life of one couple was changed forever when they adopted a stray cat. This story hit home on many levels for me… My beloved Fuzzy, who lived with us for 20 years, was a stray we found at the pool in the summer of ’82. With many of the anecdotes about Squeeky, I felt like it was a recap of my kitty! Even down to the health issues once she became

  2. A Cat Named Squeeky by Vic Reskovic is a memoir of a stray cat who befriended the author and decided to make her home there. Because of her unusual vocalizations he named her Squeeky.

    Reskovic explains early on that he and his wife had never had a pet. They weren’t looking to get a cat. But they quickly learned that cats often pick their homes and their people.

    The book reminded me of Dewey by Vicki Myron. This is another memoir of the life of a cat with all the details of someone unfamiliar with

  3. Well, having recently lost our long time male cat who went by the same name as the protagonist, I came across this book and after leafing through it, thought I would get some comfort or perspective on one’s connection with pets, cats in particular and dealing with the loss.

    While reading the book, I kind of got some of that feeling, but the story felt a bit contrived at times and the writing a bit formulaic – knowing full well that I was not looking for fine literature – and so, I will leave it

  4. This is one of those books you cannot put down! Super fast read, draws you in from the very beginning.. you’ll have a few chuckles, a few smiles and a lot of tears! Get the tissues ready 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed A Cat Named Squeeky. It was different than some of the other cat books that I have read where either the author or the cat went through something really traumatic. This is just a story about a cat that showed up and made itself at home. It is a lovely story about how an unlikely stray cat turned some non-pet owners into cat lovers. It is also unique that the writer/narrator is a man. Most of the other cat books I have read have been written by women.

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