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  1. This book is awesome!!! I read the original book on the recommendation of a good friend about two years ago at the library (at which time it was out of print) and have wanted my own copy ever since. When I recently found out the book had been re-published under a new name, I went out and bought a copy for myself.
    This book details the behavioral, emotional, and developmental milestones of gifted children at each of the five levels. It also give many, many anecdotals for each level, which are just

  2. Wish I’d had this when my son was 10 years old, but still helpful in understanding him. Book is set up to give an overview of an issue concerning specific intelligence, then examples of real children based on interviews from parents and educators for comparison to your child, then expected levels of performance based on standard testing: How to tell if a child is bright or truly profoundly gifted. What to expect with the school system. Special scholarships and awards.

  3. As the parent of a gifted child, this book reaffirmed that all we have experienced is “normal”, which saddened me greatly. We also have very few fellow parents to talk to that understand the difference between having a smart child and having a gifted child, and the difficulties that come with it. This book was a great resource for our family.

  4. I thought I would add a review as there are only two on this book so far. This book is a must read if you suspect that your child is gifted to any degree. It lays out the miles stones and characteristics of the gifted on all levels and allows you to estimate your child’s level of giftedness based upon these things.

    The thing that I was most thankful to learn was the different needs and styles of all these different levels of giftedness. Giftedness is not just giftedness. “The difference between

  5. I thought this was kind of all over the place. Part of it is describing the attributes of very high IQ kids, using some scores but also observations from parents of these kids. But part was supposed say how best to educate them but it wasn’t really clear about anything. In fact some of her suggestions (eg radical acceleration)were later said by parents to leave their children feeling odd. And she seemed to have a vandetta against students receiving support for their disabilities.

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