3 thoughts on “神様のボート [Kamisama no bōto]

  1. Another book I just picked up at the library on a funny whim because it looked like something I’d never ever ever read. It’s called God’s Boat and has a bird flying through a clear sky? And on top of that the cover was printed onto glossy boards with no dustjacket, which always looks kind of gay. But lo, this book was incredible.

    There isn’t much of a plot, the book alternates in first person between a mother and daughter who move every year or so to a new town, the mother hoping that a whirlwind

  2. A really absorbing read, this brief novel is told in two narratives, one from the mother, Yoko, and the other from her young daughter, Soko. Yoko travels from city to city, working at bars in the evenings and teaching the piano by day, through the narratives the details of Yoko’s past begin to slowly emerge. Through recollections Yoko’s marriage to a man named only as the professor is described, but parallel to this the story of an affair begins to become apparent.

    Often heartbreaking to read, th

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