5 thoughts on “ニセコイ 2 [Fake Love 2] (Nisekoi, #2)

  1. “Couple” shares a few moments. I probably loved the scene where Chitoge tries to thank Raku but is too shy and proud to admit it. So she says it in English and he doesn’t understand a word. It was cute.
    I love Chitoge for how unladylike she is. For example, Raku’s yakuza family friends lock them in a shed to set the mood. Ironically Chitoge is claustrophobic. They share a tender moment until they get into a match on who has the most experience in kissing. Chitoge, since she’s half-American, clai

  2. Cliched as all hell, and boringly so
    Sure, there’s a couple of silly moments but the rest is just painful. The cast is walking cardboard of regurgitated tropes w/ the average intelligence of a baby seal

    And the book’s end is a clumsy ripoff of Ranma 1/2?! Complete with anime-physics drop into a swimming pool no less

  3. Nisekoi is not a great manga, but in volume 2, I’m having fun reading it so far. The art is bright, cheerful, and appealing, the humor works well (here particularly in a scene where Chitoge is trying to thank Raku for a rescue in an excellently done set of retakes), and even though it’s a bit generic, what it does is done pretty well. Sure, it’s a Rube Goldberg machine of shonen romance plot contrivances, but as sunny and committed to the game as Nisekoi is proving to be, it is kind of difficult

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