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  1. I loved this book. I find it disgusting that people want more from this girl. I’m sorry but did you miss the people being raped and killed? Have people become so selfish that they can only see but their own suffering. Anyone that says this book is a bore is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Latifa didn’t write this book for you to come on here and say it’s boring or it needs something more. She wrote what she wanted people to hear about her life. She wasn’t thinking to herself,” How many book

  2. چهره ممنوعه من» را چندین سال پیش خواندم. حالا بعد از دیدن فیلم مزارشریف و آن صحنههای دلخراش، یاد این کتاب افتادم. کتابی به غایت سنگین برای خواندن. سنگین به معنای وزنی که بر روح و روان آدمی وارد می
    .این کتاب، روایت زندگی در دوره طالبان را از زبان دختری افغان -گویا خبرنگار- بیان میکند.
    و البته از آنجایی که راوی زن است، و صد البتهتر اینکه هر وقت جهل و قساوت، از دری وارد میشود، بیشترین ظلم و ستمها را به مظلومترین اقشار وارد میکند، خفقان طالبانی در این کتاب در حوزه زنان، نمود آشکارتر و بارزتری دارد.

  3. Why do I get to live a privileged life and these women are beaten, tortured, banned from receiving medical/healthcare and not allowed to leave their homes without a male family member? This is the story of a young woman growing up in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over in the mid nineties. According to the author (who wrote this book under a false name) Pakistan supported the Taliban and yet the rest of the world (including the U.S.) was supporting Pakistan. I didn’t realize the influence Pak

  4. Started reading this when my daughter had to buy it for a high school class. Actually, she told me that she was reading a book by Queen Latifa in her Geography class. After some time, we sorted out that this was NOT written by Queen Latifa, who, despite being the size of a planet, is not a proper subject of study for AP Geography.
    Anyhoo, picked it up and had a hard time putting it down. It’s not a great book…the structure falls apart several times and even at 200 pages it can drag a bit…but

  5. This is not a good example of the whole women/fundamentalist Islam genre which had its heyday in the early years of the new millennium. There are far more stirring tales of such woes on the market. While the plight of Latifa is not to be sneered at, the book is not one of the best mediums to convey the real difficulties of women under the Taliban. Readers should try other books for a deeper understanding and to gain more empathy.

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